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Alfa-Invest Company is a community of investors, where we uphold the principle of transparency and openness, based on mutually beneficial cooperation.

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Up to +80% from investing in stocks and bonds with the help of an artificial intelligence work and block chain technologies.

Financial guaranties
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Company's assets constitute €25,000,000. These are main and additional funds, which consist of own capital and income from hybrid investment patterns and attracted funds.

13 years of successful investing and investors' income
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All the calculations and payments are made automatically and transparently

The Company's sustainability

Investment strategies effectiveness and your personal funds protection is ensured by €25,000,000 of personal Company funds and €10,000,000 insurance, as well as by many years of our professional team experience in the investment field.

Regular income — up to 80 % interest

The possibility of getting a regular income, which exceeds interest rate of bank deposits in any known bank all over the world.

Minimal investment — from €50

You define your own future! Begin with a small investment, as our investment proposals are available from €50, after that you get access to the Сompany's benefits.

Quick withdrawal of funds

We are aware of the importance of access to your personal funds, that is why we automatized the funds withdrawal process to 24 hours.

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The whole investing process in your Smartphone

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Press the "Want to invest" button

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Choose the investment package and open investment deposit

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Get the income and withdraw your profit

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Taking into account exchange rate difference, your profit may reach

62.00 €
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NinaSvirec 182 760.00€
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Company's financial advisor will present our investment decisions and answer all your questions.

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